Radel Unique Digiveena

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  • Can be used at any pitch without changing strings
  • All four strings and tala strings tuned automatically and perfectly on the selection of ANY pitch
  • Selection of PA / MA for mandara panchamam and taala panchamam strings – PA will change to MA on an open string but the first fret will still be Suddha Dhaivatam
  • The string will not change sruti while playing (frequency/sruti will not reduce or increase)
  • Gamakam response adjustment – can be set for high response to smaller transverse deflection of the finger or small response to more deflection. eg., Selection can be made so that with a moderate pull of a string, five-note gamakam can be achieved on the same fret
  • Enhanced volume, with the amplifier and speaker built-in to one of the gourds
  • Adjustable volume
  • Increased sustenance of notes; thus long passages can be played with fewer plucks
  • Adjustable ‘sustain’ to suit a user’s style
  • 8 ‘voice’ choices ( types of sound) – eg Tanjore veena, mandolin, saxophone, flute, etc.
  • Fixed frets on a wooden fretboard, eliminating the more delicate wax fretboard
  • No setting of melam. Digitally preset fret positions for a perfect frequency of each note
  • Built-in electronic tambura for sruti
  • Line-out facility
  • Complete portability, as the soundbox of the veena, is dispensed with, and replaced by a detachable gourd with an ampli-speaker
  • Easy assembly/disassembly
  • Battery back-up in case of AC Mains power failure

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