Meinl Cymbals HCSB10H 10” Mini Hi Hat Pair – Traditional Finish Bronze for Drum Set, 2-YEAR WARRANTY


  • Auxiliary hihat for sound effects — these 10” mini hihats from HCS bronze are designed to spice up grooves by delivering a studio processed hihat sound that reaches into the upper frequency range — they are fun to play and fit anywhere on a drum kit
  • B8 bronze alloy — HCS bronze cymbals are designed for beginners who are just starting or players looking to expand — their B8 bronze alloy is fully lathed for a refined, bright and clear response and a balanced sustain
  • Made in Germany — when you open the box, the first thing you will notice is these cymbals bear the exact same markings as professional Meinl cymbals — they feature the large Meinl stamp and a smaller laser engraved logo with the text “Made In Germany”
  • Full range of sounds — unique to this price range, HCS bronze offers all of the cymbal types and sizes normally found in professional set ups to beginners — from trash crashes and splashes to bells and chinas, any sound option is within reach
  • Great for instructors — Meinl HCS cymbals are made for new players who are learning their way around the drum set — teachers will find these to be an outstanding affordable solution to outfit their lesson sets with in a studio or classroom
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